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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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and a live perform from the gypsy jazz abandon swing at the time. i and my stars are working with the s and i appreciate all the work. if you want to see some photographs of the before and after right near my desk is the braertd of the 20s but you've all welcome to come to my office and see the amazing photos of this. >> supervisor kim you ask to be referred. >> thank you i forgot to mention earlier i want to recognize one of my community leaders is jackie collins 54 accounting birthday i know she would be here today.
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i want to recognize her and her leadership again >> thank you supervisor kim. mr. president, that concludes the role >> at this time why don't we go to the public. >> the public can comment up to 2 minutes including items on the adoption. please notice that public comment is not allowed on the items that has already been commented on and please direct our comments to the board as a whole. people who need translation assistance will get twice the midnight's and if you have a power point document please remove it after you're done
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>> good afternoon our supervisors. i know that i know my name for 29 name i am here continues. as american egyptian i don't want to waste your time or my time pr i try to - i talk with you on 3 on september 2013. today, i'm going to continuous and ask each one of you did you have the study for what i h have - if you are a study or not i'd like to give my own thanks to challenge abc who watching me and he or she, she talked about the kid who gets - i show you
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the book i have study about it and i'm going to show you today about the young girl who has been kidnapped from their own family by stupid men when the judge give him him 1 thousand years to go to jail he hanged himself and die. you are wrong our supervisor one thousand year how much are you going to start with those attacks but we need to give him one though second to hang him up before he hang him. i am disagree for each one or anyone who touched young kids if they were related or no relative. wake up and do something else to
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protect our children. that's the reason we need you. thank you >> thank you, thank you. let's hear from the next speaker >> good morning, supervisors stop corporate rape of our lib don't accept money from the friends of the library there can be no, i couldn't but the public library is one of the graffiti scams of all time. they have completed their investigation and lout the city librarian to plead guilty with $600,000 fin and this violation was trivial it's more likely the trivial fine was a fact that jim
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sutter was the lawyer they expect to be let go and the evidence couldn't beo forward. the city librarian had to sign under penalty of perjury while he was receive 65 thousand dollars. and he had to sign the paper to report gifts. those statements under penalty of perjury had no effect on the discolors. the reason the discolors are required so we can have some notice if he's using his office to show who's giving the gifts. there's no question that he has advise from his own attorneys
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and accountants and there are in the accountants office and the in and of itself e nonprofits are - david chu having me arrested and the lies cost more than money >> thank you. next speaker. >> president chiu and a supervisors i'm bob members of the japan town orchcommittee and i i hope i can make comments regarding the introduced items. >> you can. >> i can; right? i'm sorry. i'm not more familiar. where was i - i'm here to encourage or urge your approval the japan town economic strategy. when this comes before you.
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let me begin by saying this strategic document couldn't have long been possible without the generous support of the city and the director john ram and his planning staff. we've been planning in japan town over thirty years this is the third reverberation to save the cultural heritage and identity of this neighborhood. still we don't have a document endorsed by the city. the neighborhood plan sfartd in 2007 and in 2345089 was sent back to the community to work on refinement would the planning department that were over the years we've conducted way too many community meetings and focus groups and outreach to stakeholders. since february alone we've conducted one meeting and two property meetings and outreached over 25 community organizations and property owners and
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merchants and over such a long period of time there's going to be changed about the recommendations, however, it's grow took to hear from all those meetings over the years that the goals are largely unchanged and the document is needed to sustain japan town one of the last japan towns not united states. we look forward to our continued support and endorsement >> next speaker. >> i'm douglas. gay people tend to be very eyeball. i'm speaking on behalf of a dead gay man his name is joseph and he in my opinion is very angry. in my opinion there is a dead
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man's occurs effecting san francisco. the latest victim's pacific will us and alden smith of the 49ers and obvious the giants didn't make the playoffs. all i have to say is that this gentleman just wants an explanation of why we died miss teller at san francisco general hospital way back in 1999. the most silence and the more bad luck even the questioning we see had to go home they wouldn't stay that's a sign of bad luck. so all i have to say is continue to silence on joseph behalf and
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the board of supervisors and mayor's office will have bad luck. let's pray that the jazz among doesn't act up and collin is grateful that sideline tangible didn't sideline him. all i have to say is that the dead man's occurs is in effect it's been in effect for who knows how long and i have to say is don't mess with the new orleans very did you thank you >> next speaker and a like to put this up president chiu. >> sfgov would you, please turn on the projector. >> leukemia went to the great
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lengths to - this is my beloved son in whom i am well pleased. now the reason why this is important is that by knowing the 28, 29 was the is an bother year when they was baptd we can say when the 6 trumpet will sound it's what happened on 96. help me lord jesus to cram this in. there would be 4 hundred and 33 years to roar joourm. jess last name was not christ so we know there are 4 hundred and
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33 years from cyrus a guy by the name of, sir robert gave a bad circle of information he messed up he finished up 69 weeks of the cycle of christ but the point is we have to add 70 years to the 4 hundred and 3 years to the 328, 29 year it had to be the jubilee year of 35, 36 a.d. so there were 8, 70s jess e
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jesus christ >> thank you, sir next speaker. >> good afternoon board of supervisors we've heard that the light of on october 1st, i feel sad and horrified. i've lived here and i remember the fears when the police opened my door and kidnapped me violently. i can't help thinking of the two young comes up in china their - the only reason we all wanted to be better person is the compassion and soft republicans after that we wanted to find a safe place but people in the republic of china makes we feel hurt and sad. do we know what the star means and what the red means.
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the red means blood. it's not the same symbol on the american flag it's democratically elected. after so many years the san francisco motion of flying the flag he believed by flying the public works t r flag it endorsed the community and it's a violation to its own people including people and - and following plantationers we need to draw the line chinese people don't represent this and i urge the supervisor not to support and attend the flag raising not to - to protect our freedom of
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human rights >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm martin. of the flag it's stained with the bloods of applicationers and other chinese people. the regime has killed over 18 thousand people. many of our elected officials are deceived to believe that to do business with china means it be friends with the chinese communist regime. it doesn't represent the chinese people. over the years 1 hundred and 406 thousand people have begun away from the communist party. i'm a resident of san francisco my aunt was prrtd to death in china and my father is in prison. it's because their practitioners
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and understand my feelings when i see the bli bloody flag flying the are entrance of the city hello. if that happen i would feel so hurt. so much >> thank you. >> city council member i'm sherman. when i heard it san francisco city hall is going to raise the flag i'm shocked. our city government shouldn't fly the communist bloody flag to support have to telethon regime. as you know the u.s. communist
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introduced the resolution sp stop the oppression. including to the investigator and a human rights authority more than 65 thousand foreign people were killed between 2000 and 2008 foretheir organs. many today of the 81 benefit competitioner escaped from china and came to under the circumstances looking for freedom. raising the party flag will hurt many. it is time for our city government to take a strong stand against the china bloody flag. once again this is america not
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china >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please . next speaker >> good afternoon president and supervisors. i live in san francisco. i would like to give you some information about my feel observe or on my family. i heard of the raising the flag of the china communist regime since they took over 8 hundred million china people have long been called sacrifice naturally unnaturally die. my family suffered 3 generations from communist prosecution. my cousin was shot by - in union
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square over 20 years ago during most could. i really feel this flag stand for violence and blood and stance for all the crimes committed by the communist regime so i strongly suggest you'll not raise it up because it can't presenting any communists it can't present any chinese altercation you must have heard of cultural resolution and it's noting now more violent in china. china has more human rights requests and there is now paced for the chinese people. even now the truth of most could has not been released. my cousins moth in order to get
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justices she and other members of the victim from the mother organization but they've all been prosecuted. so i strongly suggest you consider >> thank you next speaker. excuse me. you know, we don't allow applause or opposition of the precedes so reporter that >> san francisco council members. i want to share some of my thoughts. chooiven is the land i love and was born in but that red flag is not have china. it's the flag stained with the blood of millions and millions and millions of chinese people.
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that represents a terrorist regime that represented lies. before i left i was ashamed that i was born in china but isle i'd telling me tell my mom to stop talking to me in chinese. this was because when i was in beijing in order class struggle and violent revolution and accounting enthusiasm. today, i relearned this beautiful language through books and i discovered that chinese cultural is a profound cultural. it lasted until the red took over. today, there are tens of thousands of prisoners that are tortured and brainwashed in the
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prisons of mainland china base they choose to stay loyal to the country. many of the prisoners organizes and their hearts and livers are ripped off their bodies while they're still breathing and their blood is still warm and their solid to foreigners. there's enough of this proof and it's the worse crime it is one the atrocities that the communists still comments. so if you're not in favor of those kriements don't raise that flag >> thank you. next speaker, please . next speaker >> (speaking foreign language). >> good afternoon. >> (speaking foreign language).
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today i'm not in favor of raising the flag in on october 1st >> speaking foreign language. >> for more than 60 years china has been in the dictatorship of the communist party and they have killed 80 million china people. >> (speaking foreign language) that is the existence of the chinese communist party is of a challenge to human rights and traditional china cultural. >> it's basically every period
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of time they'd kill people. >> (speaking foreign language). >> from july 20th it's already been 20 years. >> (speaking foreign language). >> they have long been committing general side to people who practice forbearance. >> speaking foreign language) i have long been also been prosecuted and a jailed by the communist party. >> (speaking foreign language). >> 3 and a half months i've been in 3 jails.
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i've fled to australia with my daughter >> (speaking foreign language). >> my daughter suffered tremendous skill impacts because of those incidents. >> (speaking foreign language). >> the first question she asked when i was in as traditional if they were going to send people to kill us and a she was a prisoner in china. >> (speaking foreign language) i hope that everyone who stand
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for human rights today can stand against dictatorship. >> let's hear from the next speaker, please. sir >> can you hear me okay. i'm tomorrow. i'm a nature born american citizen and since i have arrived in oakland, california nearly almost say a lot over three years ago i've been the target of crime serious crime and that's not even the worst of it. anonymous has it crippled me but i'm still bleeding internally. its not so much that things i've
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- they're not even drug dealers they're crazy people people living in r f os because we no longer have a mental health system in california we have a dual diagnoses so if you're not addicted to alcohol which i don't drink and you're not 2kik9d to drugs which i'm not you don't get help. i've suffered from chronic illnesses it's s f public works d i've become a victim repeatedly. when i walk near the sheriff they give me respect.
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i give them respect. you can't get that from sfpd the racial precisely is out of control it's no longer about immigration. today, i can't have the privilege of feeling my thump much less full use of my hand. thank you >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> hello supervisors i'm bob bobby we're all poets. and next month think the 26th at the san francisco public library there's the overhead thank you.
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i just came from a meeting with the current poet of san francisco. i'm reminded this is a city of brave positive expression and has been known as the city of poets other than the world. each of the supervisors earlier in the month received a book of poetry to join the students of envied and high schools across san francisco at the public library on saturday 1 to 3. some of you have long been enthusiastically jumping on board. the event is to envision a positive future together in solidarity and from the supervisors we're asking you to either come and drbt the certifies or participate by
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finding one to 25 lines of poetry at least one word in solidarity with the young people in san francisco we can converge in a positive future. in addition to the other supervisors the other san franciscans are visited and it's going to have music and bring people into a conversion and a sense of community. we heard from a number of speakers to surge forward. we'd like for you to come. >> thank you. next ea